Thursday, 26 February 2009

I have decided to blog about my home and life so welcome to my blog page. 
I tend to bring humour and fun into others lives and because of this I have just been nicknamed *Miss Haversham* don't know why maybe its because they see me as being nutty as a fruit cake where as i would describe myself as a *colourful character*.  I devote my life to my girls, unlike the real Miss Haversham who chose a man. 
I also want change often, i actively look for new things to do because i get bored easily. 
About a year ago i re bought this cottage [once again i changed my mind] and have decided to make it a home for myself, and my two grown up girls who still live with me.
I have a King Charles Spaniel called Millie, who thinks she is human and a right little madam, i wonder where she gets that from!
I shall try and blog as often as possible but have a hectic life filled with the usual delights of motherhood.
So welcome to my world and the new life i am intending to make for my family.
May God Bless you all.